Celebrating World Hippo Day: The Mighty Guardians of the Lower Zambezi Ecosystem

As we celebrate World Hippo Day, it’s time to shine a spotlight on these magnificent creatures and their crucial role in the Lower Zambezi region. Hippos, often underestimated for their gentle appearance, are not only fascinating beings but also integral to the health of the ecosystem they inhabit. This blog post aims to educate and […]

Lower Zambezi’s Ever-Changing Canvas

Embark on a journey through the captivating seasons of Lower Zambezi, where nature unfolds its diverse tapestry in a spectacular display. From January to December, each month paints a unique picture of this African paradise.  January – April: A Symphony of Rain and Green As the year unfolds, Lower Zambezi embraces the ongoing rainy season. […]

The Aquatic Marvels: Discovering Waterbucks in the Lower Zambezi

The African continent boasts an array of remarkable wildlife, captivating visitors from around the globe. Among the magnificent creatures found in its diverse ecosystems, the Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) stands out as a true symbol of grace and resilience. In this blog post, we delve into the world of the Waterbuck, specifically focusing on its presence […]

Encountering Elegance: The Enigmatic Leopards of the Lower Zambezi Region

In the heart of the Lower Zambezi, where untamed wilderness thrives, lies a sanctuary for one of Africa’s most enigmatic creatures—the leopard. With their sleek grace and captivating gaze, these elusive felines are the embodiment of untamed allure. Join us on an extraordinary journey into the Lower Zambezi region as we unravel the mysteries of […]

The Majestic African Fish Eagle: Discover Fascinating Facts

The African Fish Eagle, with its regal appearance and haunting call, is a symbol of the untamed wilderness. Found near rivers, lakes, and wetlands across Africa, this magnificent bird of prey holds a special place in our hearts. In this blog post, we delve into a few lesser-known facts about the African Fish Eagle, unveiling […]

Meet the Chengetai Project

At Zambezi Grande, it’s no secret that we’re big on empowering our local community. Whether it’s providing work opportunities, contributing to the economy through tourism or giving back through one of many initiatives, we’re always ready to lend a hand to the place and people that we love.  Our Chengetai Tree Project is no different. […]

A location like no other and a world of activities

Call us biased, but we’ve always believed that the Zambezi Grande Experience is far more than just the escape of a lifetime. It’s the promise of adventure, natural beauty, true luxury and of course, the very essence of Africa. Here’s why Zambezi Grande is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before… Our location on the banks […]

The secret language of trees

Believe it or not, trees can talk to each other! If this is news to you, that’s okay, we thought we’d share a bit more on the phenomenon that achieves far more than one might think.   Trees communicate through the air, using pheromones and other powerful scent signals to warn each other of danger. In […]

Why there’s no mom quite like an elephant mom

Why there’s no mom quite like an elephant mom Being a mother is certainly a tall order in itself and whilst all are special in their own way, elephants take the title of “mom” to a whole new level! Sure, their stature is impressive, allowing them to protect their young, but we thought we’d share […]