Why there’s no mom quite like an elephant mom

Being a mother is certainly a tall order in itself and whilst all are special in their own way, elephants take the title of “mom” to a whole new level! Sure, their stature is impressive, allowing them to protect their young, but we thought we’d share a few more reasons why elephant moms are the greatest ones of all.

Their pregnancies are LONG

Did you know that elephant mothers are pregnant for almost two years before they give birth? This makes their gestation period the longest in any mammal the world over!

They are incredibly matriarchal 

Not only are the older females the leaders of the herd but elephants respect and recognise that their moms know best. The leading female helps control the social dynamics of the herd, allowing the whole family to survive. They also steer the herd towards sources of food and water when their current supply seems to be running low. It’s why young elephants stand little chance in the wild when they lose their moms.

Their milk is simply magic

Every elephant’s mom’s milk changes four times during the weaning process to accommodate everything that a baby elephant might need. This includes when their baby is teething and the milk produced includes soothing anti-inflammatory properties that come from the mom’s diet, which shifts as her baby’s needs do. Each day after birth, an elephant gains around one kilogram of body weight, thanks to mom’s milk, proving what incredible nutrients it contains. For orphaned elephants at sanctuaries, the best substitute for mom’s milk is human baby formula.

They are the best teachers 

Elephant moms share their knowledge with their young, showing them which plants are best for eating, how to cross rivers, navigate steep hills, and even how to defend themselves against threats and predators. 

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