Those who have joined us at Zambezi Grande will notice the striking presence of crocodiles along the river banks. These predators are an interesting and important part of our ecosystem here in the Lower Zambezi. We sat down with our guides who shared a few facts about them.

There are three species found in Africa

The Nile crocodile is the most widespread species of crocodile across Africa. Other variants on the continent include the dwarf crocodile (found in central Africa and the DRC) and the snouted crocodile (found along the equatorial region of the continent).

Nile crocodiles can survive in saltwater

The Nile crocodile isn’t found in the South-west of Africa as they prefer warmer water. Nile crocodiles can be found in both fresh and saltwater. Although predominantly freshwater dwellers, they can survive in the ocean as well. Some have even been spotted a few kilometres out to sea.

Their eyes, ear openings and nostrils are on the same plane

These are also the same parts of the body that stick out of the water at any given time. Whilst their bodies stay underwater, these three lethal senses allow them to successfully ambush their prey. With a single muscular contraction, the ear openings and the nostrils can be sealed, stopping water from passing through.

Highly evolved eyes

Crocodiles have a second eyelid that runs transversely across the cornea. This acts as a thin transparent membrane allowing the eyes to remain open underwater. A keyhole opening to the eye allows more light in, facilitating brighter conditions when in dark water.

Tremendous tails

40% of their body weight is found in their tails, which is why a swipe from the tail of a crocodile carries tremendous force. Their tails also store fat and propel them forward.

They don’t need to eat as often as you might think…

After eating a good meal, a crocodile could go up to one year without eating. Depending on the metabolic rate of every crocodile, this could be increased to as much as four years.

They maintain the ecosystem

Due to how many fish they consume, they play a vital role in ecosystems. With their main diet consisting of fish, they prevent overpopulations.

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