“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.” – Turkish Proverb

The 10th of August marks World Lion Day, an important day for the awareness of conservation efforts. Although this creature is a well-known safari icon, we thought we’d share a few educational facts about one of the wild’s most popular animals.

Their power starts with their builds

A male lion can weigh up to 190kg, whilst females can weigh as much as 126kg. This has a large impact on their abilities to hunt large prey and defend their territories, which is why they’re able to take down buffalo and the like.

Image Courtesy of Friederike Stackelberg

There’s a story behind every mane

A male lion’s trademark mane is easily one of the species’ most identifiable characteristics. Not only is it useful for telling males from females, but it’s also a clear sign of dominance. The older the lion, the darker and more impressive the mane. Growing to lengths of up to 16cm, these manes help attract a mate, whilst also protecting their necks and heads from injuries during hunting and fighting.

They use the elements to their advantage

The intelligence of lions is rather impressive. Not only do they hunt mostly at night with eyes that perform under the cover of darkness, but they also choose to hunt during storms. Using the noises of wind and rain to conceal their movements, they’re able to catch their prey unaware.

They’re big on togetherness

Not only are cubs reared together but lions hunt together and are the only big cats who roar together. Even cubs join the calling that can last around 40 seconds. The call of a pride of lions is a magnificent sound that can be heard up to 8km away.

Image Courtesy of Friederike Stackelberg

Their numbers are dwindling…

Whilst the number of lions in the wild may not have reached “rhino” status as yet, there are only an estimated 23 000 left. This statistic is even more concerning when you consider that the number of African elephants in the wild currently sits at 415 000. Threats to the wild lion population include climate change, farming, scarcity of prey and the illegal wildlife trade.

Spend a few precious moments with lions in the wild

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