It’s no secret that Father’s Day is set to look a little different this year. With a global pandemic forcing all of us to stay home, our plans for travel and wanderlust have certainly been put on hold. Or have they? Just because we’re in isolation doesn’t mean we can’t still dream about where we’ll go once this is all over. If you’re anything like us, travelling with loved ones is incredibly close to our hearts. It’s why we’re taking the chance to share what makes a trip to Zambezi Grande a must for you and your dad.

It could include a cultural experience

For those who love learning about people from different walks of life, your visit to Zambezi Grande could include some time at Muguramano Cultural Village. Here, you’ll take in the rich, vibrant Zambian culture as well as the warmth of the people who live there. Enjoy a serenade from the village women and a dance with the elders before learning about their methods of building homes, making clothing, hunting and ensuring daily survival. Their beautiful beadwork is something to be admired too, which could make a great gift for mom if she’s getting left at home… This cultural experience is a must to appreciate the harmony that exists between Mother Nature and the people of Zambia.

A photographic safari

If dad is into wildlife and photography, what better way to combine the two than with a photographic safari? Put his skills to the test as the two of you capture breath-taking species in all of their glory. With some of the most unspoiled landscapes on earth, there’s no way he won’t return home with a few new photos that impress. Under the guidance of our professional rangers, finding and photographing animals is an easy feat. As is getting in the right position to seize the moment. Whether your dad considers himself a photography novice or an expert, he’s sure to enjoy himself and his time with you.

A trophy fishing expedition

Is there any activity between a father and child that’s more iconic than fishing? For most of us, learning to catch a fish with dad is a memory that we’ll never forget. Why not continue this in your later years with a catch-and-release trip to the mighty Zambezi River? Home to many of Africa’s toughest and largest Tiger Fish, you could soon be landing one of the world’s most celebrated sport angling fish. With everything taken care of, you’ll be in the hands of professional guides to help make your time an enjoyable one. If you’re a passionate fisherman, you’re welcome to bring your own gear and tackle. For those who’d prefer to travel lighter, we’re happy to arrange some for you. Spend quality time with dad on the boat, where you could soon spot a variety of animals near the banks like elephants, lions and hippo. When you’re done for the day, settle in to enjoy world-class meals and some relaxation beside the pool or next to the firepit.

 Zambezi Grande, the perfect way to celebrate your dad

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