For those looking to see and experience Zambia in an entirely new way, walking safaris allow for just that! With the help of knowledgeable and talented guides, you’ll get to take in the sights and learn even more about the species of flora and fauna situated in our part of the Lower Zambezi National Park. Want to know more about what you can expect from an activity like this one? Read more below.

Experience the terrain 

As one of the most beautiful locations on earth (at least in our opinion, anyway), Zambia provides an array of different landscapes that play home to a large number of animals. From the banks of the Zambezi to savannah, grassland and woodland forest areas, there’s so much to explore. Our guides will happily explain the inhabitants of each as well should you want to know about them. 

Get in touch with Mother Africa 

The best way to experience Africa is to fully immerse yourself in her wilderness. A walking safari certainly delivers that, as you take in her beauty step by step. Then, there’s the fresh air and open spaces. These do wonders for those looking to let go of life’s stresses in exchange for that feeling of untouched splendour and freedom. 

Close encounters galore 

A large part of a walking safari is the animals you get to see along the way. Although you’re traversing the habitats of many creatures on foot, your guide is well trained in all the measures required to keep you safe. From coveted favourites like big cats to elephants and even birds, insects and reptiles, you never know what might reveal itself to you… which is part of the excitement too. 

Capture those moments 

Avid photographers love a walking safari for its ability to provide limitless inspiration and countless subjects. From vibrant birds to camouflaged crocodiles, it’s the ultimate way to capture some of Zambia’s best-loved sightings. You’ll need to be a quick shot though, as there’s a lot happening everywhere you turn. 

Plan your 2021 trip now 

If you’re ready to embark on a walking safari, then it’s time to join us at Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience. From trophy fishing to land, river and walking safaris, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing how you get to see our piece of paradise. To start planning your escape email