When it comes to booking a getaway, many of us are looking for the ultimate 5-star experience. From location to cuisine, activities, accommodation and even staff, you should never have to compromise on one to get the other. At Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience, we pride ourselves on delivering everything our guests need to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Here’s how we do just that…

Beautiful suites

Even if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your suite, you should still get to enjoy the splendour of a comfortable, well-designed place to rest your head at the end of an exciting day. We consider every detail when it comes to the layout and finishes of our suites to ensure that our guests get to enjoy them completely. From expansive bathtubs to generous beds and even your own lounge area, there are several spaces to relax, unwind and take in the view.

World-class cuisine

Our team of chefs are known for creating bold flavours and memorable meals from a host of locally-sourced ingredients. This approach allows us to produce inspired dishes that uplift communities through the support of farmers in the surrounding area. No matter your culinary preferences or demands, we’ll gladly rise to meet them to give you the Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience that we’re known for.

An incredible location

Our lodge is situated on the lower Zambezi, allowing us the best of land and water activities. As a result, our guests get to enjoy trophy fishing, land and river safaris, and even a trip to a nearby local village for a cultural experience. It all depends on you and what you’d like to make of your the Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience. For most, a combination of all of the above makes for a truly memorable trip that combines the best of nature, culture and cuisine.

A chance to relax

We’ve already mentioned our luxurious suites that deliver the best of all worlds but did you know that we also have a spa and pool area that’s perfect for those looking to press pause. Whether you’d prefer a full-body massage overlooking the mighty Zambezi or would rather relax with a good book on the pool deck, there’s ample time and opportunity to hit that reset button.


Attention to every single detail

At Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience, we’re always looking for ways to make your stay the most memorable one yet. It’s why our team of professionals take care of every detail at every step of the way. Our guests notice this and appreciate the way that we go the extra mile to deliver a stay that’s nothing short of spectacular. If you’re ready for a truly 5-star experience, why not book your trip of a lifetime now when you email reservations@zambezigrande.com