Winter is often a time of year that many tend to dread. If you’ve ever been to Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience over this period, you’ll know that this certainly is not the case. If anything, winter is a celebrated time for exceptional weather, trophy fishing and creating a lifetime of memories. Here’s why…

The conditions are great 

June and July are excellent months for river activity. In fact, some might argue that they’re ideal for fishing as the temperatures around midday are warm and comfortable. This allows avid fishermen to stay out on the river for longer periods without being chased by the cold. Where the Tigerfish are concerned, these will be more plentiful. This is thanks to the baitfish who leave the floodplains at this time of year, giving the Tigerfish several meal options. The water is both deep and strong in these months as well, providing incredible fishing conditions. It’s why many consider a winter trophy fishing expedition a must. If you can’t make it during winter, however, September to November are also great months to plan a trip. 

It creates a lifetime of memories

When we travel, we create treasured memories and when you embark on a winter trophy fishing trip, you’ll soon be creating ones that last forever. Whether you choose to travel with family, friends or colleagues, we’ve got more than enough on offer to keep everyone happy. Sure, you might have come for the fishing but you’ll also be able to spot game, enjoy world-class dining and even that much-needed relaxation time too. 

We keep things exciting!

If you’re happy to fish at your leisure, then we’ll leave you be but there are a few ways that we can amp up the excitement. We often arrange fishing competitions for groups who travel together. These also include prizes for the winning team weight combined as well as the largest individual weight. 

We take care of everything

At Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience, our team of professional guides will take care of every detail so that all you need to focus on is enjoying the adventure. All experienced fishermen are welcome to bring their own gear and tackle but we can supply some if you’d prefer to carry less luggage with you. Any dietary requirements are easily accommodated by our in-house chefs who deliver exceptional flavours with every meal. To us, it’s the smaller details that make the biggest difference so we’re committed to making each one as special as possible. 

Your Zambia awaits… 

Don’t miss your chance to experience a winter to remember at Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience. For more on how you can book your trip of a lifetime, please email us on