Voted one of the safest countries on the African continent by Zambia is a celebrated place rich in diversity. With spectacular landscapes bursting with an array of wildlife, it’s easy enough to reach yet remote enough to feel untouched. Why should you put Zambia on the top of your travel bucket list? We’re taking a closer look below. 


Ease of accessibility


Zambia is easily accessible from a number of international and regional destinations. Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda Airport is currently undergoing an extensive expansion project, which includes a brand new passenger terminal. For those who need to reach more remote areas and National Parks, domestic flights are readily available too. This means it’s as simple as liaising with your chosen travel agent or lodge to make the necessary arrangements for your trip.


It’s an incredible safari destination 

For many, established safari destinations such as Botswana and South Africa are first choice but for those in the know, Zambia is  one of Africa’s most celebrated countries to safari in. It’s known for its passionate and talented guides, intimate safari camps and even considered the destination for true safari connoisseurs.


From lions to leopards, elephants and even pangolins, there’s a lot to see. If you’re into birding, you’ll be blown away by the array of birdlife located in Zambia, making it every photographer’s dream. Another incredible thing about Zambia is that many of its camps and lodges close for up to six months of the year due to heavy rains that makes the black-cotton soil impassable. So for up to half a year, game won’t see many humans or vehicles. This makes them less habituated than animals that see cars and people daily. As a result, those travelling to Zambia for a safari can expect spectacular encounters that include mock-charging elephants, curious lions, playful cubs and mischievous monkeys who want to explore everything in sight. 


The people are friendly 


The measure of any land often comes down to how its people engage with others. Call us biased but we do believe that Zambians are some of the warmest people you’ll ever come to meet. Their culture is also rich in interesting facets, as is their food, lifestyle and landscapes. Should you need help or simply have a question to ask, it’ll be hard to find a local who isn’t willing to help you. Their passion for the land and wildlife is tangible too. 


Activities on the Zambezi River

Few things come close to seeing the sun  rise over the mighty Zambezi River. Its magic is never lost, no matter how many times you’ve gotten to enjoy it. You’ll also be able to spot species like hippos, elephants, birds and crocodiles as well, turning your sunset cruise into a river safari. Visitors can also enjoy sport angling (Zambia is a tiger fishing paradise), along with canoe safaris too.


It’s where you’ll find Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience

Our location on the lower Zambezi gives us and our guests the chance to enjoy the best of land and water activities. Possible highlights include trophy fishing, land and river safaris, and even a trip to a nearby local village. What you choose to do is entirely up to you and our team of experts will help curate the ideal itinerary that suits your needs and interests. This even includes what you’d prefer to eat and see whilst you’re with us. 


Your Zambia Awaits… 


If you’re ready to take in all that Zambia has to offer it’s time to visit Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience. With every single detail taken care of, you’re bound to enjoy an unforgettable stay, with memories that last a lifetime. To start planning your escape email