A key part of the Zambezi Grande experience rests on keeping our guests happy, well-rested and of course, making unforgettable memories. None of this would be possible without Obert, our lodge manager and an essential member of the Zambezi Grande family for the last four years. We sat down with him to find out what he loves most about his job and why you ought to pay our newly redesigned lodge a visit. Here’s what he had to say…

Q: When it comes to your job, what’s your favourite aspect of it?

A: “I find great joy in interacting with guests and building relationships with them. Many of these relationships end with them returning with friends to share in the magic of Zambezi Grande a second time. I also enjoy building and nurturing my hospitality team. Not only does this allow us to remain a tight-knit unit that does the lodge justice but it also ensures that our guests get nothing less than the best when they stay with us.”

Q: What do think is your greatest job challenge?

A: “As with any job, there’s a fair amount of pressure to perform. Meeting the incredibly high expectations of the lodge and of the guests is always a challenge but one I welcome as I know my talent and expertise is good enough to overcome any challenge. Multitasking on busy days is also a struggle sometimes but we make it work with careful planning and of course, a positive attitude.”

Q: What’s is your favourite part of the new lodge?

A: “The new interior looks stunning. Our renovations have also transformed Zambezi Grande into the best positioned lodge in Lower Zambezi Valley, allowing us to bring interest and tourism to Zambia. As a beautiful destination ready to showcase the best of Africa to international travellers, we can’t wait to welcome guests from all walks of life into our very own piece of paradise!”

Q: Which guest memories make you smile?

A: “Definitely when guests arrive as strangers, full of excitement and anticipation and leave a few days later as friends. This is made even sweeter when they vow to return with their friends to share what they’ve experienced with others, too.”

Our Zambia, your way

Ready to experience Zambia like you’ve never seen her before? Join Obert and his team at the spectacular Zambezi Grande. Allow our hospitality to welcome you home as you enjoy the best in trophy fishing, safaris, cultural tours and more. To book your stay, email us today. reservations@zambezigrande.com.