At Zambezi Grande, it’s no secret that we’re big on empowering our local community. Whether it’s providing work opportunities, contributing to the economy through tourism or giving back through one of many initiatives, we’re always ready to lend a hand to the place and people that we love. 

Our Chengetai Tree Project is no different. It’s yet another chance for us and our guests to be part of something bigger in the lives of Zambia’s next generation. Meaning to keep or preserve in our local Gova language, “Chengetai” aims to plant more trees in our surrounding communities. The tree we have chosen is the Natal Mahogany (Trichilia Emetica), a hardy tree that is easy to grow in our region. These will help to: 

· Fight the ever-present threat of deforestation

· Provide a place of shade for the community to congregate 

· Act as an outdoor classroom of sorts to host environmental classes for village children

How does it work? 

Every guest who visits us is encouraged to purchase a tree and the materials required for planting. These trees are then planted in either the Muguramano or Chijata villages and the necessary tools and utensils are distributed. 

With local communities already receiving the relevant training to best care for these beautiful trees, we look forward to seeing how these trees are going to change lives for the better. 

Are you interested? 

The costs involved are as follows:

· A Natal Mahogany sapling costs 30 USD

· Planting materials cost 15 USD

· A spade costs 10 USD

· A bucket costs 3 USD

· Workbooks and stationery cost 5 USD

Should you wish to join us on this journey or if you have any further questions, please contact: