By now, you might have already heard that we’re in the process of redesigning the lodge at Zambezi Grande – Private Game Experience. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about and honestly, looking forward to as we are all aware that change, is the new norm. Spearheading the process is none other than our own design team, a group of people we are truly proud of! With a deep passion for the African bush and a clear vision for the project, things are set to be breath-taking once all is complete. Here’s a little more about the redesign of Zambezi Grande – Private Game Experience.

Why a new look and feel?

Although Zambezi Grande has always been beautiful, a new-revised look will breathe a new life into ancient relics and structures!

What are the inspirations behind redesign?

Certainly the sights, smells and tastes of the landscape have been the main inspirations for the redesign. We were inspired by the contrasting colours of the land, such as the foliage, sand, water and rock. Then, there are the brick and mortar Cape Dutch style buildings that stand alone on the Great Zambezi river. These have inspired us to enhance and mix the cultures of Africa with this era in a way that reimagines the lodge to include a new design language and contemporary edge yet embracing an old age era of safari style and travel.

What can we expect to see from the finished results?

A celebration of Zambezi Grande’s history incorporated with that of Zambia’s too. It’s important to honour the place that gives the lodge life but we want to do this in new and interesting ways. You can expect to see the perfect blend of African wild alongside contemporary living in a way that accentuates the best of old-world charm and modern living.

Will we be repurposing or reusing any existing pieces from the lodge?

Yes, some of the existing feature items like the bar & cabinetry, the piano, the wagon, etc will be reincorporated into the furnishings. The panelling in the cellar can be re-used and would be a great addition to whatever the space transforms into. A few pieces of furniture including the rattan and vintage shapes will be used too. Some of the feature lights will get a new lease on life as well.

What is your goal for the project?

To create a destination that delivers a profound sense of space and magic. We plan to enhance the overall look and feel of the lodge, aiming at a more luxurious and exclusive resort with high-end facilities and services. Most importantly, we plan on improving the operational supplies and equipment, as well as training and upliftment of the community.

What are we most excited about for the new and improved Zambezi Grande?

That’s a hard one to answer! We are very excited about the whole lodge and project. Small things such as the weaving of a blanket, choosing all the threads that work and harmonise together to create a beautiful and aesthetic product gets us excited about the new and improved Zambezi Grande. We hope that all visitors will get to feel the love and magic of this incredible lodge.

Get ready to experience Zambezi Grande like never before

On behalf of our team, we’d like to thank you, our valued guests, for your patience and understanding during this time of renovation. Our new lodge is almost complete and we can’t wait to share it with you. To get a head start on booking your stay at Zambezi Grande – Private Game Experience, get in touch with us now by emailing