The Emerald Season, which runs from November through to May, are the ‘summer’ months in Zambia. The rains come and completely alter the landscape of the Lower Zambezi in a matter of days, turning the land into lush, emerald green expanses, teeming with wildlife and birdlife.

The plains are covered with young animals and become nursery grounds for elephant, warthog, antelope, zebra and many more. The skies are blue with dramatic afternoons of spectacular light and clouds. And the birds put on a show with the migrant and resident birds in breeding plumage.

November to February
After the long dry season, dramatic storms arrive with plenty thunder and lightning. The bush suddenly becomes an intense emerald green, bursting with new grass and leaves. Purple, pink and yellow flowers help to break the intensity of the green, and migratory birds swoop and spiral as they return for breading season. The river rises rapidly and the water reaches the tops of the bank, threatening to flood over. Colonies of weaver’s nests hang over the water and trees are full of heron and stork nests.

All this rain means the Lower Zambezi National Park is inaccessible, so game drives within the park are impossible. The thick, verdant bush also makes game viewing very difficult, which is why Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience, like the majority of other lodges in Zambia, close during this time.

March to May 
This is a wonderful time of the year. The bush is still lush and the skies are incredibly blue.

Through the months of April and May, the river slowly drops, the bush colours turn from green to golden yellow, and the migratory birds prepare for their long journeys. Zambezi Grande Private Game Experience river safaris are magical at this time of year!

The galaxy of stars, the soundtrack of crickets and the calls of the wild give this destination a profound sense of space and magic.