(Chengetai means to keep or to preserve in the local Gova Language)

You could help to make Zambezi Grande’s vision of planting trees in the nearby communities a reality. These Natal Mahogany (Trichilia Emetica) trees will not only help to slow down the deforestation of the area but will also serve the community as a place of shade to congregate as well as a space to hold environmental classes for the children of the village.

Guests are encouraged to purchase trees as well as any of the other items below. The trees will then be planted in either the Muguramano or Chijata villages and the necessary tools and utensils distributed. The local communities will have been provided with all the relevant training in order to best care for these beautiful trees.

If you are interested:

A Natal Mahogany sapling costs 30USD

Planting materials cost 15USD

A spade costs 10USD

A bucket costs 3USD

Workbooks and stationery cost 5USD

Any further enquiries should please be directed to:

We don't toot our own trumpets, we let our neighbours do it for us!

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