A location like no other and a world of activities

Call us biased, but we’ve always believed that the Zambezi Grande Experience is far more than just the escape of a lifetime. It’s the promise of adventure, natural beauty, true luxury and of course, the very essence of Africa. Here’s why Zambezi Grande is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before… Our location on the banks […]

What to look forward to at Zambezi Grande

The rainy season is over and we’re about to reopen the doors of Zambezi Grande, welcoming our guests back to enjoy a world of luxurious experiences on the Lower Zambezi. From unbelievable wildlife sightings to culinary excellence and even a few spa pampers, here’s what those joining us can look forward to. A spectacular setting […]

5 Post-Coronavirus Travel Preparations

Although it feels a long way off now, #WeWillTravelAgain. So why not use this gift of time as a way to prepare for your perfect holiday?  Here are five tips to help you plan your bucket-list vacation: DESIGN THE PERFECT TRIP Now is the time to dream up that perfect once-in-a-lifetime trip. Get creative, check […]

World Hippo Day

Beady eyes and flicking ears skimming the surface of the water, accompanied by the occasional signature “wheeze-honk” and you are undoubtedly among the world’s third largest mammal. The hippopotamus derives its name from the Greek words ‘hippos’ which means horse and ‘potamos’ meaning river. February 15th is World Hippo Day, and an occasion for us […]

The Grande Story

Privately commissioned by a Lusaka-based family, the brief for the main lodge was to resemble a 1900’s Namibian landmark, originally designed by a German-trained architect. A fascinating and complex conception, the purpose and function has always been the same; to accommodate the spirit of adventurous exploration through comfort and leisure. The family used to holiday […]

The Emerald Season.

The Emerald Season, which runs from November through to May, are the ‘summer’ months in Zambia. The rains come and completely alter the landscape of the Lower Zambezi in a matter of days, turning the land into lush, emerald green expanses, teeming with wildlife and birdlife. The plains are covered with young animals and become […]


Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important and you’ll capture it perfectly. Stop! Read this quote again… and, whilst you are at it read the caption again. You’ll notice, we say this over and over again, “You my friend, are a Photographer”, and it’s so true! You are, and you have full control […]

A Once Common Resident

Bold colours, a strong black bill and standing approximately a metre tall, this curious looking bird was once a common sight in most of Zambia. The Southern Ground Hornbill, one of Zambia’s flagship birds, has unfortunately shown a steady decline in numbers over recent years, and, as of 2016, was listed on the International Union […]

Disconnect to Reconnect

We seldom get the opportunity to simply disconnect from society – our screens, traffic, other peoples’ drama, deadlines the hustle and bustle of everyday life… which can cause us to sometimes loose perspective on what is important and “the bigger picture”. We live in an ever-connected world – sometimes filled with 18-hour workdays. Constantly demanded […]

Zambian Culture Is Rich And Full Of Colour

From the moment our feet touched soil at the Muguramano Cultural Village, we were welcomed with warm smiles and open hearts. Zambian culture is rich and full of colour. As we settled in to meet with the “Head Man”, we were serenaded by a few of the elder woman. As the welcoming ceremony progressed, we were […]