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The Grande Arrival

Leaving Lusaka on our small Cessna charter, we took in the distant views of the city, the green farmlands and the wall of mountains to the East. But soon, as the plane banks, we are treated with our first tantalising glimpse of the river, the mighty Zambezi. I’m surprised at how fast the flow of

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The African Secret to Revitalisation

In Africa, we do things differently. We worship our ancestors, paint our hair red with otjize and cure ourselves of “star sickness” by dancing through the night. Our lands are filled with gold, diamonds and the most precious minerals known to man. Over thousands of years, we have learned how to harness and cultivate what

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Water Spirits of Zambia

If you feel there is magic in the water – you may be right Cultures around the world celebrate unique traditions and beliefs, and in rural African communities traditional folklore is still a popular method of sharing stories. Despite being land-locked, Zambia has a huge network of rivers and tributaries, so it is therefore perhaps

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