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Tigers in Africa

Many laughs have been shared by Safari Guides when they have been asked, “Are there Tigers in Africa?” If you ask most people, their answer will be “no”, but there are in fact, Tigers in Africa… They have extremely sharp teeth, beautiful black stripes and are incredibly fast and powerful. They also have scales and

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African Elephant - Zambezi Grande

The African Elephant

An Elephant herd is closely developed around family. A herd is made up of an adult female and her offspring, as well as two more closely related females and their offspring. The young elephants, known as bulls, separate from their families once they’ve reached puberty at the age of 16 years old and move on

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African pita Bird - Zambezi Grande

African Pitta Bird

The African Angola Pitta is a species of bird in the Pittidae family. It is found across Africa in most countries, but most importantly it can be spotted in Zambia. The African Pitta is an intra-African breeding migrant, breeding in southern and south-central Africa around November-December, and then heading back out to the equatorial Africa

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